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What is Learning4life.club?

How many of us woke up in the morning thinking that we would learn something new? 

When we were in our colleges how many us studied something out of syllabus?

How many of us remember what we were taught in colleges,schools very well?

If answer to all these 3 questions are no then you are right place

Learning4life.club as name suggest deals with:

Learning  + 4 + life + club:


Learning is an act of understanding something and then applying the understood knowledge to react in a new situation.

Todays world we all have learnt machine learning but forgot human learning.

We all must learn not because it is in syllabus but it is time we have a well formed mind not a well trained mind

4 :The number is special it significe for as well as Fourth Industry Revolution.

Fourth Industry Revolution is something that has transformed the world. Today digitalization has changed the way we interact with the world and thus it is time we embrace it.

Life: The journey which we all have been set upon and everyday learning will make us better.

Club: We all have visited clubs, Club is collection of like minded people who enjoy each others company.

So i created this site called Learning4life.club so that we can learn from each other and enjoy learning process.

Please feel free to contact me on 9911982710/ sinha.kunal21@gmail.com to share blogs or your own learning experiences with me.

Currently I am writing blogs on anything and everything these are my various clubs:


1. Machine Learning 

2. IoT

3. Blockchain

4. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

5. Digital Marketing


Product Management

Supply Chain 





Startups (startup4all.com)


Health and Fitness

Couch Potato: Travel , Movies, Food, TV Series


Motivation and Positive Thinking